Board Wars RELEASE!!

After a couple of months of development, I have to announce that I’ll take a break on this game’s development, this is mainly because of the lack of time, but also because being my first “big” project I didn’t plan enough the game design, and ended up being a complete mess, and I would have … Continue reading Board Wars RELEASE!!

Board Wars: Devlog 3 Complete Ur Game

Hi buddies! This time I recorded a full game against the AI, I got really impressed about how well the AI is working, he almost won me!! About the AI, is not a trained neuronal network AI, is just a rather simple algorithm I made for test purposes, but in the future I plan to … Continue reading Board Wars: Devlog 3 Complete Ur Game

Board Wars

Elevator Pitch Board Wars is a game about board games, in which you will have to defeat the Gods of ancient civilizations playing their own board games. Beat them and you will unlock them to play their games in single or multiplayer. Chose the difficulty and challenge yourself to the arcade mode!! Made for the … Continue reading Board Wars