Sons Of Iga :: Milestone 4

Due date: 23/07/2019

Hey there! After two weeks of inactivity I am now resuming the development. This week’s milestone will be to get everything working again, because after two weeks, I realised a lot of things that were not working, and I will try to change them all this week. There will be no feature adding but a lot of bugfixes and changes to the whole project.

Milestone Goals

  • Graphic revamp (again): I have found a new shader that can make the game look pretty awesome, and it will greatly simplify the workflow for new 3D assets. It is an unlit (which means that light will no longer mess the colours) cartoony style shader.
  • Animation system update/bugfix: I realised that the animation system is not as good as it can be, and I will be doing some tweaks in the state machine to make it work better.
    • Adding tools to the animation
  • New 3D models and textures: With the new Shaders, the old models have become useless, as they where relying too much on the environmental lighting, for the new models, I will have to make textures, drawing the shadows and edges myself, because otherwise, they will no longer be visible with the new Shaders.
    • Model and texture the house.
    • Model and texture the trees.
    • Texture the Villager.
    • Texture the Hex tiles.

Thanks for reading!


Sons Of Iga :: Milestone 3

Due date: 02/07/2019

From now on, I am introducing bonus goals, this are low priority features that I will add if I have enough time, else, they will be added later.

Milestone Goals:

  • Resource system upgrade
    • Trees and mineral deposits have limited resources, and disappear once they are consumed, leaving space for further village expansion.
    • (Bonus goal) The villager uses an axe to chop trees and a pickaxe to mine iron.
    • (Bonus goal) The resource collection animation creates a particle effect on hit.
  • Building system implementation
    • The villager can build different buildings spending resources for that purpose
    • Buildings take some amount of turns to be completed.
    • The villager is “busy” while building.
    • (Bonus goal) Model the house building.
      • Have 3 different models, for the foundations, work in progress and completed building.

Apart from this, the project needs a script restructuration, which I am not sure how long will take. The point is to make future implementations easier, specially for unit abilities and jobs.

Thanks for reading, I will be back on Friday, let’s see how many Bonus Goals I can get done!

SOI Project: Milestone 2

Due date: 26/07/2019

Last week went really well and the Milestone 1 was completed in half the time I predicted, so from now on, I will try to asign milestones weekly.

Milestone Goals:

  • Implement a resource collecting system:
    • Trees are aware of the resources they are holding.
    • Mineral deposits are aware of the resources they are holding.
    • Villagers can collect Wood from trees and Iron from mineral deposits.
    • The collected resources are added to the general inventory every turn.
  • Mineral deposits:
    • The mineral deposits have a 3D model (textured).
    • They have a fixed location in hexes.
    • They are randomly spreaded throughout the map.

This are this week’s goals, I will get back on Friday to show the updates! Thanks for reading!

SOI Project: Milestone 1

Due date: 26/07/2019

The project has suffered some changes in the last few weeks, but long story short, now I’m on my own, which means that now I have to do serious commitments to be able to finish the game for the 30th of September and deliver it to the GDWC.

So I decided to make some milestones and commiting to finish them in a certain tight deadline!

Here it goes the first one:

Milestone Goals:

  • Design, model and implement in unity the villager unit.
    • The villager needs a 3D model
    • The villager needs textures
    • The villager needs a rig
    • The unit needs to move in a turn-based system in Unity

And that’s it, the next milestone will most likely be about implementing a resource system, but that’ll be a bit later!

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