About Me

I am Julen Cortazar, MrWhiteRaccoon is the nickname I have chosen as developer, which is the result of the admire for Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and of course the deep love I feel for those little creatures called raccoons. With this in mind, some friends and I created around 2013 a group called ReservoirRaccoons, just for fun and to have some cool group in the games we played. Each one of us chose a colour based on the film’s characters and I ended up being MrWhiteRaccon, and in fact, I love it!
I started to be interested in game development when I discovered the RPG Maker tool, around 2014. My brother, a friend and I, tried to make a game back then but we didn’t know a thing about game development and we quitted really fast. Then a couple of years later I started watching Unity and Unreal Engine tutorials, but everything I did was actually copying what I saw on tutorials, which nowadays I think was useful and has brought me here, but once again I quitted, I had only programmed in Python before and C#, Java or C++ where really confusing for me. And lastly Fortran saved my life (as developer), I studied Fortran in University, for a subject called Computational Physics (I still have not finished my Physics Degree) a year ago, in 2017. Thanks to Fortran I learned what a compiled language is and how it works, and most importantly, I learned the logic behind a modular language, and thanks to that started to comprehend what C# was and how to use it.
This last year I have worked like crazy to improve my skills in programming, drawing, 3D modelling…. And basically, in anything needed to be a solo Indie Game Developer, because is something that I love doing and something I would spend my life doing.

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