Sons Of Iga :: Devlog 4

A lot of stuff has been made this week, good news are that the game is ready for further development, and next week I plan to start adding features again.

The main changes are:

  • New Render Pipeline asset: The new RP is responsible for giving the game the cartoon look, which fits perfectly with the game. Thanks to this, the materials use an unlit shader, meaning that they are no longer affected by light.
  • New models: Trees, houses and villagers have now new models and textures so they can use those new materials and shaders. The issue with unlit materials is that model edges are no longer visible, so I had to paint some edges on the textures to bring the models alive. I had to change textures for every other object in the game as well, for the same reason.
  • New animations: The tree chop animation is new, and I gave the villagers axes so the animation looks better (punching trees was not too credible)
New House Model

That’s all for this week, next week’s milestones will be more ambitious, and I will try to give myself work for two weeks instead of one.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend!

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