Sons Of Iga :: Devlog 3

Milestone 3 plus one of the bonus goals (Modelling the house) completed!

It has been a busy week with lots of different stuff changing in the game, although most of them are unnoticeable, for example, the work system I thought was solid, well…. it was not. I had to change everything adding a action queue system that handles everything for each unit. For example, now when you tell a unit to collect resources:

  1. The unit does not need to be in the same hex as the resource.
  2. The unit will move to the commanded hex and then start collecting resources.

The other main goal accomplished is the building system, which has been fairly easy to make once the work system was ready, and it works quite good even if it needs some tweaks.

The buildings take a fixed amount of turns to be built (which will probably be changed at some point) and they hold three different models for the building process (foundations, work in progress and finished). Currently the transitions between states is not very polished, but in terms of functionality everything works great.

The last work added is the building repair. It works both for damaged buildings and unfinished ones, but is currently in development and has some bugs, at the end of the video you can see how repairing an already finished building, changes it’s visuals to the work in progress version.

For the visuals, I changed the minerals’ looks, although I am still not happy with them, so they are probably changing again in near future, I also added some animations both to minerals and trees that trigger when the resources are over. A building animations has been added as well, which, to be honest, does not look great, but it will stay there for the moment.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice weekend and Gora Celedon!! 😉

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