Sons Of Iga :: Milestone 3

Due date: 02/07/2019

From now on, I am introducing bonus goals, this are low priority features that I will add if I have enough time, else, they will be added later.

Milestone Goals:

  • Resource system upgrade
    • Trees and mineral deposits have limited resources, and disappear once they are consumed, leaving space for further village expansion.
    • (Bonus goal) The villager uses an axe to chop trees and a pickaxe to mine iron.
    • (Bonus goal) The resource collection animation creates a particle effect on hit.
  • Building system implementation
    • The villager can build different buildings spending resources for that purpose
    • Buildings take some amount of turns to be completed.
    • The villager is “busy” while building.
    • (Bonus goal) Model the house building.
      • Have 3 different models, for the foundations, work in progress and completed building.

Apart from this, the project needs a script restructuration, which I am not sure how long will take. The point is to make future implementations easier, specially for unit abilities and jobs.

Thanks for reading, I will be back on Friday, let’s see how many Bonus Goals I can get done!

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