Sons Of Iga :: Devlog 2

This week’s milestone completed! This time it has been quite hard to meet the deadline, but somehow, I made it!

The first big challenge was to wire up the whole resource system, currently only working for Wood and Iron resouces, and make it work properly. There were quite a few features depending on this system and I wanted to make it as solid and generic as possible, I am pretty confident that I made it, which will make future updates easier to implement.

The second was undoubtedly the turn manager’s update. From the user’s perspective, the turn system has not been through any modification, although from the programmer’s perspective, the turn manager is now more generic, making possible to handle multiple units at the same time.

Finally, the game has suffered a graphic revamp. I decided to give the game a more simple graphic style because now I am working alone and I have no artists to make the art assets. I also added some UI art for the unit selection, the resource display and the “Next turn” button.


  • Added mineral deposits spreaded throughout the map.
  • The Villager can now collect Iron and Wood.
  • The trees are now animated and react to the Villager’s hits.
  • Added visual feedback on unit selection.
  • Multiple units can be handled by the turn system.
  • Changed the textures of the ground and trees.
  • Added UI elements

Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend!

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