SOI Project: Milestone 2

Due date: 26/07/2019

Last week went really well and the Milestone 1 was completed in half the time I predicted, so from now on, I will try to asign milestones weekly.

Milestone Goals:

  • Implement a resource collecting system:
    • Trees are aware of the resources they are holding.
    • Mineral deposits are aware of the resources they are holding.
    • Villagers can collect Wood from trees and Iron from mineral deposits.
    • The collected resources are added to the general inventory every turn.
  • Mineral deposits:
    • The mineral deposits have a 3D model (textured).
    • They have a fixed location in hexes.
    • They are randomly spreaded throughout the map.

This are this week’s goals, I will get back on Friday to show the updates! Thanks for reading!

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