SOI Project :: Devlog 1

Hey there! I am happy to announce that I am working a lot faster than expected, and I have already completed the Milestone 1!

I decided to give the Villager, and the game assets in general, a low-poly look, without huge details, just the base mesh and some basic materials. Here is a brief summary of how has the Villager been made:

  • The 3D model has been made in Blender, using a basic low-poly humanoid mesh I found online, you can check it here. Adding details like the hat or the trousers later.
  • For the animations, Mixamo, which I highly recommend unless you know how to properly animate a humanoid. But, as with every external software, I spent some time polishing and debugging the animations, like fixing extrange offsets appearing when animations blend with each other.

About the rest of the features shown in the video, the were already implemented before the Villager. Here is a list of the currently implemented features as a recap:

  • Hex-tile procedural world generation, with forests and lakes.
  • Turn-based movement system
  • Building system prototype (In future, the villagers will be the ones responsible for the buildings).
  • A* pathfinding system for units, that avoid lakes and obstacles (currently only buildings).
  • UI prototype, displaying resource data and a Next Turn button that skips the turn.

That’s all for now, keep tuned for the next milestone, which will probably be announced next Monday!

Thanks for reading!!

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