SOI Project: Milestone 1

Due date: 26/07/2019

The project has suffered some changes in the last few weeks, but long story short, now I’m on my own, which means that now I have to do serious commitments to be able to finish the game for the 30th of September and deliver it to the GDWC.

So I decided to make some milestones and commiting to finish them in a certain tight deadline!

Here it goes the first one:

Milestone Goals:

  • Design, model and implement in unity the villager unit.
    • The villager needs a 3D model
    • The villager needs textures
    • The villager needs a rig
    • The unit needs to move in a turn-based system in Unity

And that’s it, the next milestone will most likely be about implementing a resource system, but that’ll be a bit later!

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