Sons Of Iga :: Milestone 3

Due date: 02/07/2019 From now on, I am introducing bonus goals, this are low priority features that I will add if I have enough time, else, they will be added later. Milestone Goals: Resource system upgrade Trees and mineral deposits have limited resources, and disappear once they are consumed, leaving space for further village expansion. … Continue reading Sons Of Iga :: Milestone 3

Sons Of Iga :: Devlog 2

This week’s milestone completed! This time it has been quite hard to meet the deadline, but somehow, I made it! The first big challenge was to wire up the whole resource system, currently only working for Wood and Iron resouces, and make it work properly. There were quite a few features depending on this system … Continue reading Sons Of Iga :: Devlog 2

SOI Project: Milestone 2

Due date: 26/07/2019 Last week went really well and the Milestone 1 was completed in half the time I predicted, so from now on, I will try to asign milestones weekly. Milestone Goals: Implement a resource collecting system: Trees are aware of the resources they are holding. Mineral deposits are aware of the resources they … Continue reading SOI Project: Milestone 2

Board Wars RELEASE!!

After a couple of months of development, I have to announce that I’ll take a break on this game’s development, this is mainly because of the lack of time, but also because being my first “big” project I didn’t plan enough the game design, and ended up being a complete mess, and I would have … Continue reading Board Wars RELEASE!!

Board Wars: Devlog 4 Painting the board

Today I started working in the visual aspect of the game. I began painting the board so it looks like the original. The base texture was made by Kronbits , you can find a bunch of free, quality textures on his post: I took his texture and painted over with Clip Studio, trying … Continue reading Board Wars: Devlog 4 Painting the board